ProTips: Steam Cleaning Nozzle and Spray Pattern Tips for Alkota Cleaning Systems August 16 2013, 0 Comments

Learn about the different spray nozzles and the resulting spray patterns from Veteran Alkota Cleaning System employee Scotty. 

With Alkota Cleaning Systems, "Every nozzle has a 5 digit number—First 2 digits give you the spray pattern, Last 2 digits give you the size."

Here is a quick cheat sheet for your Alkota spray nozzles:

Yellow = General Purpose - 15 degree nozzle, most common cleaning tasks

Red = Heavy Mud and Dirt - 0 degree nozzle, pencil type stream, 

Green = Lighter cleaning, but takes off mud and dirt well - 25 degree nozzle

White = Light cleaning like radiators where you don't want to damage anything - 40 degree nozzle