ProTips: How Important Are The Nozzles? June 05 2015, 0 Comments

The spray nozzles are a crucial part of your parts washer.

Over time the spray nozzle will become worn from the constant recirculating of sand and sediment washed off the dirty parts similar to sandblasting. The sharp edges of the nozzle used to control the spray pattern will wear out.

Parts Washers Nozzles Wear and Tear
In the image above, nozzle wear is not evident to the eye but this comparison shows a 3/64” wear. The Customer owning this particular parts washer had to replace the pump motor.

The nozzle maintains the proper amount of back pressure on the pump in order to control the speed of the motor. Worn nozzles allow the pump to run too fast which, in turn, causes overheating, extra noise, and early failure.

The nozzle creates a specific pattern to most efficiently clean your parts. When the edges become worn the spray gets weak and sloppy and that equates a longer time to clean the parts and lost energy and efficiency.

Customers report after replacing their nozzles their parts washer cleans like it’s brand new again!

The pump manufacturer recommends changing your parts washer nozzles every two to three years. Since the replacement cost on a 3hp pump motor starts at $1418.00, ProLine highly endorses their recommendation!