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Caring For Your Foam Cannon April 17 2021, 0 Comments



  • The Foam Cannon turns ProLine’s Truck and Tractor Wash into thick, rich foam. The benefit of foam is that it adheres to your surface, which gives the soap more time to work and penetrate the dirt.  Another advantage is much less detergent is used with far better results.

  • The Foam Cannon should only be used with cold water. ProLine’s Foam Cannon requires a Pressure Washer with a minimum of 2.3gpm to operate.

  • As with most detergents, avoid washing in bright sunlight for streak-free results.

  • It is a good practice to flush your Pressure Washer prior to connecting your Foam Cannon as rust and other impurities will clog the Aspirator (PN 8.704-222.0).

  • ProLine recommends starting with the Foam Cannon Metering Dial set at 2.5 to 3 (for light coverage) and adjusting from that point.

  • The Foam Cannon requires flushing after each use. Simply turn the Metering Dial to zero and pull the Trigger Gun for a few seconds to flush the residual soap from the Foam Cannon.  **This is the easiest solution to keeping your Foam Cannon operating well. 

  • If your Foam Cannon is spewing water from the middle of the sprayer barrel you will likely need to replace the Aspirator (PN 8.704-222.0) as it has become plugged.

  • If your Foam Cannon is trickling water from the end of the sprayer barrel it is possibly clogged with a pebble at the incoming water side. Call and we can help with explaining how to remove it.

  • Rough estimate - one quart of ProLine’s Truck and Tractor Wash should cover approximately four mid-size pickups.

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