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ProLine's Wash & Wax


ProLine's Wash & Wax is a final wash detergent; natural citrus and company exclusive.  Penetrating foam and paint protectors leave a clean, shiny surface. A concentrated, completely biodegradable, mildly alkaline, caustic free, non-hazardous cleaning power with a hint of wax; especially formulated to remove dirt, grime, and road film on your personal vehicles. 

Ideal for: Cars, pick-up trucks, buses, boats, RVs and more. Safe to use on glass, painted surfaces and polished aluminum. 

Application: Use with our Spray Foam Cannon to convert ProLine's detergent into a thick lavish layer of foam using a pressure washer spray gun. Apply and Rinse thoroughly using cold water.

Due to the freezing temperatures, your product may freeze in shipment. 
If you notice layers have formed,
please thaw the product and shake thoroughly before using. 
***This does not affect the product’s effectiveness!***

Shipping weight: 1 gal - 10 lbs.
                               5 gal - 49 lbs.

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