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ProLine's Foaming Truck & Tractor Wash


ProLine's Truck & Tractor Wash is a great multi-purpose soap, company exclusive.  Concentrated heavy duty, biodegradable, caustic free degreaser that is safe on all finishes. A non-hazardous degreaser for your most difficult cleaning jobs. Great to improve faded paints.

Ideal for: Farm equipment, vehicles, RVs, ATVs, heavy duty construction equipment, and so on. Safely cleans aluminum metals, glass, and most cleaning surfaces. 


  • For best results, use full strength with our Spray Foam Cannon to convert ProLine's detergent into a thick lavish layer of foam using a pressure washer spray gun.
  • Adjust the Foam Cannon detergent metering valve according to your cleaning application.
  • Apply Detergent from the bottom up.
  • Rinse thoroughly with cold water from the top down.
Due to the freezing temperatures, your product may have frozen in shipment. 
If you notice layers have formed,
simply thaw the product and shake thoroughly before using. 
***Freezing does not affect the product’s effectiveness.***
Note: Spigot not included but recommended with the 5 gallon purchase.
Shipping weight: 1 gal- 10 lbs.
                              5 gal- 49 lbs.

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