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Foam Cannon A


NOTE: ProLine's Foam Cannon A cannot exceed a Pressure Washer of 5.5gpm!

A Foam Cannon alternative for Homeowners. 1L Bottle with small neck

Foam Cannons are used to convert ProLine's detergent into a thick layer of foam using a pressure washer spray gun. The foam allows a longer dwell time, providing a deeper clean. 

Works great with ProLine's Truck & Tractor Wash and Wash & Wax detergents for farm equipment, ATVs, Trucks, Cars, heavy construction equipment, and more.

Compatible with most pressure washers with quick connect nozzles.

Click here for our popular, commercial-grade Foam Cannon.

Includes 1/4" QC Plug to attach to QC Coupler.

Note: Extra detergent bottle is not available for Foam Cannon A.

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