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Vehicle Wax


FC Gloss-516 is an industrial strength biodegradable wax for use on all vehicle surfaces. FC Gloss-516 provides a water resistant coating that brings out the shine and luster of dull paint while leaving a thin, clear film, beading easily for decreased drying time. May be used as a standalone protective wax or added to one of our detergents. Non hazardous, not corrosive. Made in the USA.

Ideal for: Cars and trucks, boats and watercraft, RVs, etc.  Safe for chrome, rubber, painted and metal surfaces. 


  • Apply at an average of 6 ounces per car and 12 ounces per SUV or truck.  
  • It is best to rinse from the top down.
  • Designed for hot or cold washing.
  • Works well in hard or soft water.
Due to the freezing temperatures, your product may have frozen in shipment. 
If you notice layers have formed,
simply thaw the product and shake thoroughly before using. 
***Freezing does not affect the product’s effectiveness.***
Shipping weight: 1 gal- 10 lbs.

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