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VAL6 MPX Radiant Heater


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VAL6 MPX Radiant Heater is the reflection of 35 years of technological advancement.  Combining two worlds, Infrared and the convectional heating system, the MPX with its compact size can still be used for commercial grade applications as well as applications requiring limited space. 

Heat from air and radiant energy resulting in the highest efficiency heater, the MPX.  MPX equips a larger radiation disk and improves combustion efficiency by 13% and is able to provide more heat further away compared to the Daystar.



DUAL HEATING SYSTEM - the MPX with its advanced technology, uses both Infrared and convectional heating to offer the highest efficiency heating and because of its compact size and portability can still be used commercially as well as areas requiring limited space.

HIGH/LOW OUTPUT CONTROL - The MPX has an output control that enables its user to choose between a high or low output thus making it very economical.

LONGER OPERATIONAL TIME - The MPX is able to operate continuously for over 15 hours with low speed combustion which enables it to operate all night without refueling.

QUIET OPERATION - MPX's efficient burner allows it to operate quietly with a noise level of about 59dB even at high setting, still lower than typical forced-air heaters' noise level at about 75dB or more.



Use the Val6 MXP Radiant Heater in these applications:
  • Body shop, Garage
  • Factory, Plant, Workshop
  • Outdoor Projects
  • Drying of paint and adhesives
  • Asphalt and concrete preparation


Heat output

High:  62,500 BTU/hr 18kW

Low:  55,500 BTU/hr 16kW


Kerosene or Fuel-Oil no heavier than No.2 (Diesel)

Tank capacity

4 gallon

Fuel consumption

0.48 gal/h

Continuous operating time

High:  13.7 hours

Low:  15.7 hours

Power source

100V 60Hz

Power consumption

When igniting:  110W
When burning:  145W


Fuse 3A  250V (dia. 6.35mm x L 30mm)

Operating Noise Level

60 dB(A)

Dimension (H x W x D)

28.1 x 23.9 x 17.7 in
Disk diameter:  13.3 in

Dry weight

48.5 lbs

Adjustable Disk Angle  
Safety devices

Tip-over, Flame monitor, Electrical system protection, Overheat

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