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CT51 Automatic Scrubber by IPC


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The CT51BT70 walk-behind Scrubber is one of IPC's newest machines, featuring many of their newest innovations and technology. It features four interchangeable brush heads, making it a versatile machine. The 'CFS' Central Flow System evenly distributes solution through the pad or brush and on to the floor, while the 'CWS' Central Weight System applies a balance of weight evenly across the pad or brush surface. Working in tandem, these two features provide cleaning in a single pass, a claim many scrubbers boast but few achieve. Batteries not included.

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  • 13 gallon tank
  • 20" traction drive
  • Ergonomic drive lever
  • Adjustable handle
  • Two pre-setting programs
  • On-board charger with easy access for maintenance

CT51 Automatic Scrubber Brochure

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