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Cuda Heating Parts


Cuda Heating Parts:

A. Part #8.713-030.0 - Thermostat 3PH

B. Part #500.092 - Thermostat 1PH

C. Part #8.713-291.0 - Heater Fuse Non 30amp

D. Part #8.713-293.0 - Pump Fuse 3HP 1PH 20amp

E. Part #8.713-912.0 - Pump Fuse 1HP 1PH 10amp

F. Part #8.713-294.0 - Heater Fuse Non 45amp

G. Part #8.714-451.0 - Heater Fuse Non 35amp

H. Part #8.713-044.0 - Heater Relay 3PH Allen Bradley

We have many more parts in stock that are not shown.

If you don't see the part your Cuda needs, please give us a call!


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